Local Crime Watch: Oct 11

A sampling of police reports from October 2 through October 9 in Gulfport, South Pasadena and St. Pete Beach.

Source: Gulfport Police Department and Pinellas County Crime Viewer


9/27 – Missing Juvenile in the 2500 block of 49th Street South. A juvenile had gotten into a fight with his mother and fled the residence. Officers checked the area but could not locate him. Later on in the afternoon he was located at school and recovered.

9/27 – Vandalism in the 2900 block of 57th Street South. Officers responded to the location where a resident’s tree had caught on fire overnight. Witnesses stated an unknown male had been seen near the tree.

9/28- Battery in the 5200 block of 9th Avenue South. A man was trying to fight another man regarding a woman. Sgt. Woodman witnessed the suspect punch the screen door, damaging it in the process.  The suspect qualified for APAD (Adult Pre-Arrest Diversion) and was given a notice date.

9/28- Domestic abuse in the 5200 block of 10th Avenue South. Officers spoke with a complainant who stated that her boyfriend had threatened her and her son. She stated that he has been drinking and arguing all day. Officers spoke with subject who stated that they were arguing but he never threatened her. The complainant went to stay with her friend for the night.

9/28- Disturbance at Gulfport Beach. Officers spoke with approximately eight people who stated that one person of the group smashed another’s phone. The man who smashed the phone stated that he told victim repeatedly to stop recording him and wouldn’t listen so he smashed the phone. The victim did not want to press charges.

9/29- Criminal Mischief in the 5600 block of 17th Avenue South. Victim reported that sometime overnight the passenger-side tires on her vehicle were slashed. The victim claimed that her granddaughter had admitted to her son on the phone that she was responsible.

9/29- Vehicle Burglary in the 5800 block of 26th Avenue South. Victim reported that sometime overnight her vehicle was broken into and her friend’s laptop was stolen. The friend attempted to locate the laptop with a tracking software but was unsuccessful.

9/29- Disorderly Intoxication/Resisting Arrest/Assault on LEO at the Pasadena Yacht & Country Club. Kristen Forsythe was extremely intoxicated and called police claiming that her friend had tried to run her over. The friend said she was simply trying to get Forsythe to the airport so she could fly home. Officers called an Uber for Forsythe to take her to the airport, but when it arrived she refused to get in and laid down in the road. Officers attempted to arrest her for disorderly intoxication and she ran from them to the back of her friend’s car and grabbed him. When officers went to handcuff her, she tried to bite one of their hands.

9/29- Vehicle Crash at the 2600 block of 44th Street South. Officers responded to the location involving an attempted stolen vehicle and an accident from a resident’s driveway. An unidentified male juvenile was seen exiting the driver side and running north from the area. The male had crashed the vehicle in to another vehicle in the driveway. Detectives are currently working the case.

9/30- Fraud in the 2600 block of 48th Street South. A resident stated she purchased concert tickets from someone on Craigslist and never received the tickets. Case forwarded to the detectives.

9/30- Petit Theft in the 2600 block of 49th Street South. A resident reported that someone stole five plants from his garden. There was a video of someone on a bicycle in the victim’s yard that was captured on a neighbor’s video camera.

9/30- Traffic Stop/Drugs in the 4900 block of 12th Avenue South. Officer Clague stopped a vehicle for a seatbelt violation and both passengers were extremely hyper and were attempting to conceal something between the seats. Officer Clague removed both passengers and searched the area they were reaching into and located a small bag with four prescription pills inside. The driver, Peter Walker, admitted the pills were his and he was arrested for possession without a prescription.

9/30- Trespass in the 5500 block of Newton Avenue South. Officers responded to a burglary in progress call where a neighbor had seen a male enter a vacant house that has been condemned. Officers located Craig Adams inside and he claimed he was hiding in the house because he had been in a fight with his girlfriend. Craig had previously been warned by code enforcement to stay out of the house since it was uninhabitable and being torn down. He was arrested for trespass after warning.

10/1- Burglary of a vehicle in the 5400 block of 17th Avenue South. A resident called to report that someone had entered her vehicle and stolen her purse sometime between 9/30 at 10:30 p.m., and 10/01 at 9:00 a.m. She was not sure if she locked her car and there were no signs of forced entry.

10/1- Deceased Person in the 4800 block of 29th Avenue South. A 56-year-old man who was doing unlicensed and un-permitted tree work in the area fell from the top of a 35-foot lift crane. He was transported to Bayfront but died from his injuries.

10/2-  Burglary in the 3100 block of 59th Street South. A vehicle, which showed no signs of forced entry, was broken into at some time over the past few days. The owner kept driving it as well. A firearm was stolen from the center console. 

10/2-  Assist Other Agency in the 2400 block of 49th Street South. Officers responded to a report of a robbery in progress. The caller informed dispatch that they had been robbed and beaten by six males and their bicycle was stolen in the process. Through the investigation and interview with the victim it was determined that the incident occurred in the area of 17th Avenue South and 47th Street South. The information was forwarded to the St. Petersburg Police Department.

10/3- Theft in Progress in the 5500 block of 27th Avenue South. The residents left their bicycles unlocked outside the building. Two younger males approached and stole the bicycles. One male was last seen going north on 55th Street South and the other west on 27th Avenue South. 

10/3- Vehicle Crash in the 1700 block of Gulfport Boulevard South. Two vehicles traveling west  on Gulfport Boulevard collided when one vehicle attempted to change lanes, striking the vehicle next to them. Nobody was injured and both vehicles sustained minor damage.

10/3- Traffic Stop and Driving under the Influence in the 1100 block of 49th Street South. Officer Carter saw a scooter driving north on 49th Street South with no headlights activated and at a higher rate of speed than the posted speed limit of 35 MPH. Officer Carter made contact with the driver, Brian Bolan, who appeared to be under the influence of alcohol and had a revoked driver’s license. Bolan performed poorly on field sobriety tasks and was arrested for Driving Under the Influence. Bolan refused to submit to a breath alcohol test. Because he had two prior convictions for DUI, this charge was a felony.

10/3- Trespass in the 5100 block of 13th Avenue South. Officers responded to a residence where a woman showed up who had been previously trespassed. Officers located her on the property. Jill Grasmick was arrested for trespass after warning and transported to the Pinellas County Jail.

Burglary – vehicle

10/2, 3:00 p.m., 3100 Block of 59th Street S

10/2, 6:30 p.m., 5000 Block of Gulfport Boulevard S

10/2, 3:00 p.m., 3100 Block of 59th Street S 

10/4, 3:35 p.m., 5600 Block of 17th Avenue S 

Burglary – residence 

10/7, 4:00 p.m., 1100 Block of 59th Street S

Theft – petit 

10/2, 9:00 a.m., 6000 Block of Shore Boulevard S

Theft – grand 

10/2, 6:00 a.m., 2200 Block of York Street S 

10/3, 8:50 a.m., 5500 Block of 27th Avenue S 

10/3, 1:45 p.m., 5300 Block of 21st Avenue S 

Theft – shoplifting 

10/4 10:04 p.m., 2800 Block of Beach Boulevard S


10/4, 12:38 a.m., 5100 Block of 13th Avenue S

Vandalism/crime mischief 

10/5, 5:05 p.m., 1400 Block of 49th Street S 


10/2, Unknown, 5200 Block of 9th Avenue S 

10/6, 6:45 p.m., 1400 Block of Freemont Street S 


South Pasadena 


10/6, 10:45 p.m., 7800 Block of Sailboat Key Boulevard 


St. Pete Beach 

Burglary – business 

10/6, 12:30 a.m., 100 Block of Corey Avenue 

Burglary – vehicle 

10/7, 8:01 a.m., 300 Block of Corey Avenue 

Theft- petit 

10/3, 5:30 a.m., 4300 Block of Gulf Boulevard

10/7, 7:30 p.m., 9000 Block of Blind Pass Road 


10/5, 1:10 p.m., 2400 Block of E Vina Bel Mar Boulevard


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