Local Crime Watch: September 3

A sampling of recent police calls and criminal activity in the Gabber’s distribution area.



Vandalism/criminal mischief – 8/29, 3000 block of 54th St. S.

Burglary (residence) – 8/29, 5100 block of 18th Ave. S.

Kidnap/false imprisonment – 8/30, 3200 block of 58th St. S.

Battery – 8/31, 2400 block of 56th St. S.


Vandalism/criminal mischief – 8/26, 3800 block of Gulf Blvd.

Burglary (residence) – 8/27, 500 block of 70th Ave.

Burglary (business) – 8/27, 4300 block of Gulf Blvd.

Theft (petty) – 8/28, 7600 block of Blind Pass Rd.

Missing person – 8/28, 6600 block of Sunset Way

Burglary (vehicle) – 8/29, 7700 block of Boca Ciega Dr.

Trespass – 8/29, 3400 block of Gulf Blvd.

Theft (petty) – 8/30, 300 block of Corey Ave.

Burglary (residence) – 8/30, 7200 block of Sunset Way

Theft (grand) – 8/30, 6600 block of Sunset Way

Vandalism/criminal mischief – 8/31, 600 block of 73rd Ave.

Professional Wrestler Arrested for Domestic Battery

Gulfport police responded to a domestic disturbance early Monday morning, August 31, and arrested professional wrestler Thomas R. Latimer on charges of domestic battery and false imprisonment.

The charges stem from an event Sunday night where Latimer and his reported girlfriend engaged in an argument that led to Latimer chasing her into a bedroom and detaining her there. He is alleged to have her down on a bed by her neck.

Latimer was taken to the Pinellas County Jail and was released on $6,000 bond early Tuesday morning, according to Gulfport police.

Shootings in St. Pete

St. Petersburg police responded to two reported shootings this week, but have no suspects in either case.

The first alleged shooting occurred at 10 p.m. on Friday, August 28 at the 3500 block of 17th Ave. S.

An anonymous tip reported hearing gunshots and an officer found six .40 caliber shells at the scene. One witness believes the shots may have come from a teal Lexis that drove by. No injuries were reported.

The second shooting happened at the 4600 block of 16 Ave. S. in the early hours of Wednesday, August 29.

The shots were directed at the residence of two adults and one teen. The suspect drove by and fired rounds into the house, breaking a window and shooting into a bedroom. No injuries were reported and the residents knew no motive for the attack.

As of now, there is no evidence linking the two events.

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