Local Crime Watch: September 7

A sampling of police reports from August 24 through September 2 in Gulfport, South Pasadena and St. Pete Beach.

Sources: Pinellas County Crime Viewer, Gulfport Police Department and Media Alert.


8-24 – Recovered stolen vehicle at the corner of 55th Street South and 11th Avenue South. A resident reported seeing three black male juveniles jumping out of a silver Dodge Avenger and running north towards Jersey Avenue. The vehicle had struck a storm drain cover and it was confirmed as stolen out of St Petersburg. Unfortunately the suspects got away.

8-24 – Battery at Gulfport Elementary. A 13-year-old female brought her 10-year-old brother to the car circle to fight another 10-year-old. The 13-year-old pushed her little brother into the other child and encouraged the fight. When her brother began losing the fight, she jumped in and battered the victim. The juvenile female was arrested for battery.

8-25 – Fraud in the 2800 block of Seabreeze Drive South. A resident reported that he was the victim of a Craigslist scam. The suspect offered to purchase pool table equipment and sent a bogus check for the purchase price plus extra money to be paid to a moving company that would pick up the equipment. The check cleared the account but was later rejected by Bank of America.

8-25 – Fraud at Walgreens. A woman reported that she received a phone call from someone about her student loans. The suspects told her to get two $50 money cards and give them the numbers on the back, which she did. They then asked her for another $200 and she realized it was a scam.

8-25 – Burglary at a residence in the 1600 block of 58th Street South. A resident called to report that someone broke a window and gained entry to her house. Nothing appeared to be missing.

8-25 – Criminal mischief in Tomlinson Park. A dark colored SUV was seen driving on the baseball field. The vehicle has driven through the fence that surrounds the field and damaged the field.

8-26 – Grand theft in the 2900 block of Beach Boulevard. A local business owner was in talks to sell her store to another individual. She let this individual run the store for a short period of time so he could become familiar with the operation of the business. The potential buyer did not purchase the business, and the victim realized that he instead made off with over $10,000 in merchandise.

8-26 – Driving under the influence (DUI)/crash at the corner of Beach Boulevard and Delette Avenue South. Officers responded to a reckless driver call. The call notes indicated a white Mustang drove onto the sidewalk hitting tables, chairs and bushes. Fortunately no one was injured. The driver drove away going north on Beach Boulevard. Officers were able to locate the vehicle and conducted a DUI investigation. After the investigation was completed, the driver, John Christman, was arrested for DUI. His breath alcohol was .143/.147.

8-27 – Burglary to a vehicle in the 1300 block of 52nd Street South. A resident left her purse, containing a handgun, in her vehicle overnight. In the morning, the purse was gone. The resident advised that she locked the vehicle; however, there were no signs of forced entry.

8-27 – Traffic arrest in the 4900 block of 17th Avenue South. Officer Rossi observed a vehicle that was parked in a disabled parking space at Dollar General with no permit displayed. As he approached the vehicle, a man in the driver’s seat attempted to back out and leave but the officer stopped him. The driver, later identified as Eric Blair, had a suspended license and had been adjudicated a felony habitual traffic offender. He was arrested without incident.

8-27 – Arrest on a warrant in the 4900 block of 12th Avenue South. An officer arrested Cody Larson for an outstanding warrant issued by Jasper County, Missouri. The warrant was issued for failure to appear on a dealing-in-stolen-property charge.

8-28 – Suicide in the 5800 block of 9th Avenue South. Friends of a resident were concerned for his well being so they went to his house to check on him. Unfortunately they found him deceased within the residence.

8-28 – Burglary to a residence in the 2800 block of Beach Boulevard. A resident reported that someone stole jewelry valued at several thousand dollars.

8-28 – Burglary to a residence in the 6000 block of Gulfport Boulevard. A resident reported that his tricycle was stolen from his property. A check of the pawn database revealed that Anthony Keifer had pawned the bicycle. Keifer admitted to taking the bike, saying he thought it was left out as trash. He was arrested for stealing the bike and selling it to the pawnshop.

8-30 – Traffic arrest at the corner of 58th Street South and 11th Avenue South. Officer Smith stopped Shuntal Anthony for running a stop sign. She initially gave a false name but eventually gave her real information. She was arrested for arrested for driving while having a license suspended or revoked and providing a false name to law enforcement.

8-30 – Theft in the 2800 block of Skimmer Point Drive. A resident hired a man named Brian Stanley to do work for him on his dock. Over the last five weeks, several tools and some cash were stolen from the home. Brian admitted that his employees stole the items and that they were fired. The employees have not yet been located.

8-30 – Burglary to a residence in the 5300 block of 8th Avenue South. A resident reported that two bikes, a power washer and a weed whacker were stolen from her residence.

8-30 – Burglary in the 900 block of 58th Street South. Officers responded to the high school as two people were seen on campus possibly breaking into vending machines. Gulfport Police officers and Pinellas County sheriff’s deputies from South Pasadena surrounded the school while two K9 units searched the campus. Michael and Sean Lovett were found hiding under the bleachers on the baseball field and they were arrested.

Burglary – residence

8/28, 2 a.m., 5100 Block of 15th Avenue S

8/28, 8 a.m., 2700 Block of Tifton Street S

8/28, 8 a.m., 2800 Block of Beach Boulevard

8/28, 8 a.m., 4900 Block of 10th Avenue S

8/29, 6 a.m., 5300 Block of 8th Avenue S

8/29, 8 a.m., 4900 Block of 28th Avenue S

8/29, 8 a.m., 900 Block of 51st Street S

8/31, 4 p.m., 4900 Block of 10th Avenue S

9/1, 1 a.m., 2700 Block of 45th Street S

Burglary – structure

8/30, 9 a.m., 5100 Block of 8th Avenue S

8/30, 4 p.m., 5100 Block of 8th Avenue S


Theft – petit

8/28, 8 a.m., 5200 Block of Newton Avenue S

8/29, 6 a.m., 3000 Block of Beach Boulevard S

8/30, Unknown, 900 Block of 58th Street S

9/1, 5:05 a.m., 5300 Block of 10th Avenue S

Theft – Shoplifting

8/28, 5:35 p.m., 5700 Block of Gulfport Boulevard S

9/1, 4:10 p.m., 4900 Block of 17th Avenue S

Vandalism – criminal mischief

9/1, 6 p.m., 2700 Block of 56th Street S

South Pasadena


8/28, 6 p.m., 1800 Block of Shore Drive S

Theft – petit

8/28, 3 p.m., 1400 Block of Pasadena Avenue S

Theft – shoplifting

9/2, 1:28 p.m., 1000 Block of Pasadena Avenue S

St. Pete Beach


8/30, 2:40 p.m., 5300 Block of Gulf Boulevard

8/31, 11:47 p.m., 5500 Block of Gulf Boulevard

Battery – aggravated

8/29, 4 p.m., 8300 Block of Blind Pass Road

Theft – grand

8/31, 1:17 p.m., 6900 Block of Gulf Boulevard

Vehicle – stolen

9/2, 3 p.m., 500 Block of 67th Avenue

Vandalism – criminal mischief

9/1, 6 p.m., 7800 Block of Blind Pass Road

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