Locals Jam Live at the Blueberry Patch 

An open stage was home to Gulfport artists and musicians at the Open Jam hosted by the Blueberry Patch on Tuesday, June 11. The outdoor musical fest, decked out with string lights and quirky sculptures, invited musicians to the stage to either jam out solo or with the band Tropico BLVD. “Everyone is welcome to come up and jam out with us,” said lead guitarist Miguel Lantigua. “You can’t hold our instruments though; we don’t trust you guys that much.” From 7 to 11 p.m., Blueberry Patch fans enjoyed the live music and dancing at 4923 20th Ave. S.

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  1. Miguel Lantigua

    Hi, Miguel Lantigua here, thanks for the write up! However I never said the second line, but I guess context or accurate reporting isn’t a quality found in journalists any more. Thanks for making up an entire sentence that I never said. #FakeNews

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