Lost Pig Makes Himself at Home 

When Nashville native Anjie Giuffrida came out of her home on 34th Street North in St. Petersburg on Friday, May 17, she didn’t expect to see Laurel, a male pig digging holes in her yard. “I opened my gate to see if he was cool,” Giuffrida said. “He was obviously a pet because he came right in and I fed him apples and he wagged his little tail at me.” Giuffrida followed him around her fenced in yard from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., before bringing him to the SPCA in St. Petersburg. Between the swine corralling and the treats, Giuffrida’s Gulfport-based friend, Hill Vee, posted a couple “lost pig” alerts on various St. Petersburg and Gulfport community Facebook pages. Eventually, a post on the “Gulfport, Florida” page got a hit, and the owner, Lisa Shaffer, was reunited. “[Anjie] was thrilled to have the pig in her yard for the afternoon,” Vee said. Photo courtesy of Anjie Giuffrida. 

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