Marriage Equality for All

It’s official and on the record: Gulfport City Council unanimously supports marriage equality.

At the Tuesday, September 2 council meeting, some in attendance expected at least one council member to vote against the resolution.

“I doubt we’ll have a unanimous vote,” Jan Lowe said when she spoke for public comment.

Ward One Councilman Dan Liedtke opened his comments by speaking about religious freedom and how Ward Three Councilwoman Yolanda Roman proposed the state handle violations of people’s religious freedom. After an exchange between Roman, who proposed the marriage equality resolution, and Liedtke, the twosome altered the wording of the city’s resolution to include respect for religious liberties.

After saying he agreed with the resolution, Liedtke asked if the city should send the people who could appeal the state’s decision about marriage equality a copy of its resolution.

When council voted unanimously, a small boy in the front row started clapping, soon followed by the adults in the room.

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