Meet Your Local Candidates at Gulfport Forum

Is there something you want to ask a Florida candidate running in the November 8 election? You’ll have a chance at the non-partisan Meet the Candidates forum in Gulfport Thursday, October 27 from 6 to 8 p.m.

The event, hosted by the Gulfport Area Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with the city of Gulfport and LocalShops1, will take place at the Catherine Hickman Theater at 5501 27th Ave. S.

Gulfport Chamber President Barry Rubin said his group decided to host the event because Gulfport is a unique community and members want to hear from the candidates how they will address its specific needs.

“We feel it’s a good opportunity for our views to be heard and for our questions to be answered,” he said Tuesday, October 18.

The eight candidates running for state and county positions and the two running for District 13 in the U.S. Houses of Representatives were all invited. As of Tuesday, neither candidate for the U.S. House had responded while of the others, seven had accepted and one had declined owing to a previous commitment, Rubin said.

Each candidate will have the opportunity to speak for about five minutes. He or she will then be asked several questions submitted by members of the audience and vetted by the chamber of commerce board, Rubin said.

Unlike the national election, Rubin said he did not expect the forum to be contentious.

“At this level everybody is really looking to serve our best interests regardless of which side of the aisle they fall on,” he said.

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