Mooring Field Nearing Open

The construction of the mooring field is completed,” said Director of Gulfport Marina Operations Denis Frain on Tuesday, May 1. A total of 25 sailboat-only moorings comprise the field located just beyond Gulfport’s municipal beach and boardwalk areas. The city is now waiting on a piece of design documentation from the project engineer and then a formal letter of completion from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. “We’ll probably be fully operational by the second week of June after the Gulfport Grand Prix boat race.” The entire mooring field is located within the safety zone of the race and part of it overlaps the course, he said. For inquiries about use of the mooring field such as rules, regulations, fees and the pump-out boat, contact the marina office at 727-893-1071.



  1. I think that this mooring field is absurd! It is welcoming more potentially derelict sail boats! meanwhile discouraging motor boats – who are forced to circumvent the area picking ones way around the anchor lines of the current derelict sail boats to reach to city docks. The markings are difficult to see and follow. Those are beautiful docks and now we are being inconvenienced to reach them, when we wish to enjoy the many restaurants and shops in town [i.e. spend money] We would visit 2-3 times a month. Now we don’t want the hassle. How many of these 25 (really is 25 necessary?!??) sailboats will be dining in town? I think this is going to become Gulfport’s Folly.

  2. We sail to Gulfport and anchor every cruise. The Farmers market is the best in the state. We stay at the marina offten too. We feel it’s the best. Skyway Jacks, what else, the best.
    Not all of us sailboat cruisers are wealthy. We can get to enjoy the florida waters with our old sailboat just as much as the mega yachts.
    Thank you Dennis. You did a great job.
    S/V Presto

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