Motorized Scooter Driver Injured in Collision

Recently, a motorized scooter driver and the driver of a truck collided on a residential street near the Gulfport History Museum resulting in non life-threatening injuries to the man on the scooter. Photo by a local citizen journalist.

A pedestrian using a motorized scooter and a truck driver collided at a residential intersection recently in Gulfport resulting in non life-threatening injuries.

At 7:39 p.m. on Tuesday, March 17, local first responders received a dispatch call for an accident at the corner of 28th Avenue South and 53rd Street South near the Gulfport History Museum.

“The driver of the truck was traveling southbound on 53rd Street South,” said Gulfport Police Department Sergeant Thomas Woodman, the public information officer. “According to the report, Bryan Jameson, 60, of New Port Richey, said he stopped at the stop sign, then proceeded south and did not observe the person on the motorized scooter. And, that’s when they collided.”
Jeffrey Grand, 54, of St. Petersburg, was on the scooter “traveling eastbound on 28th Avenue South,” said Woodman. “Grand said he saw the truck pull up to the stop sign but then he didn’t pay any attention to it and continued. The truck continued southbound” and the two collided.

According to the report, the impact caused the scooter rider to fall onto the ground. There were no independent witnesses at the scene, said Woodman.

Grand suffered “what appeared to be a broken right arm, a broken wrist and he also had some bleeding from his head,” said Woodman. Grand was transported to Bayfront Health in St. Petersburg.

The truck driver was not injured, said Woodman.

In addition to the police, Sunstar Paramedics and first responders from Rescue 20 of the South Pasadena Fire Department were on the scene, he said.

“It is undetermined whether or not the motorized scooter was supposed to be on the road to begin with,” said Woodman.

Jameson received a ticket due to an expired tag but nothing was issued related to being an at-fault driver of the crash, said Woodman.

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