MTV’s “Floribama” Could Film in Gulfport

Photo courtesy of MTV

Get ready Gulfport: A reality show with a cast of twenty-somethings packed into a beach house has requested a permit to film in city limits. 

The popular MTV show, “Floribama Shore,” reminiscent of “Jersey Shore,” began filming in St. Pete Beach on June 10 and will be in Pinellas County until July 15. 

“We have no concerns at all,” said Pinellas Film Commissioner Tony Armer. “We’ve had reality shows filming here before, this one is just more high profile.”

According to Armer, the show has already invested $500,000 in hotel rooms and is hiring local people with the show’s $9 million budget. 

Will Gulfport be Featured?

While 495 Productions has requested a permit for Gulfport, there’s no guarantee that the city will make an appearance on MTV.

“We won’t know where exactly they are filming until a day or two before, and they’ll call us up and then we would go ahead and contact the City of Gulfport,” Armer said.

The city would then work with the Gulfport Police Department in shutting down streets, restaurants or other businesses for filming if needed. 

“I’m not going to speculate on anything until that happens,” said Gulfport City Manager Jim O’Reilly. 

“Floribama Shore” left its usual party spots in the Panhandle due to damages from Hurricane Michael, where it became too expensive to shoot, Armer claims. 

As far as community disruption due to filming, Armer was unconcerned. “Most people won’t even know the show is here,” the film commissioner said. 

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