MY Santa: Kids Needed  

Maddy Guenther has a unique problem: The foundation she started with former Gulfport mayor Mike Yakes, MY Foundation, has the means to make Christmas special for truly needy families, but she doesn’t have enough families.

MY Foundation helps Gulfport kids and seniors as need arises, and with the few days remaining for Christmas, Guenther and her team of volunteers seek “kids and seniors who need a bit of assistance over the holidays.”

Guenther’s soft spot for children is well-known among her friends, but she says her compassion for older people in nursing comes came about when her own mother went to live in a nursing home. In the days leading up to Christmas, MY Foundation will bring presents to a Gulfport nursing home. Guenther says the foundation will give residents there new items, and also that the foundation will make sure the seniors receive things “they wouldn’t ordinarily get.”

Guenther says MY Foundation has a screening process but hopes that doesn’t deter people from contacting the foundation. She asks that people not nominate themselves and that anyone wishing to nominate a family or senior do so by sending a letter to the MY Foundation post office box (address below).

“We want to find the people in Gulfport who have no other way to get help,” she says.

To nominate family or senior, please send the information to MY Foundation, P.O. Box 530441, St. Petersburg, FL, 33747.

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