New Hub for the Arts Set to Open

Bryer House, formally known as the City of Imagination, will take on a new name and a renewed purpose. Renamed the Gulfport Arts Center, Gulfport’s new community art hub will make its debut Friday, May 15 under the leadership of the Gulfport Historical Society (GHS). 

“The Gulfport Arts Center will be art-centric,” assured President of the GHS, Cathy Salustri. “It will not be another branch of the historical society.” 

Gulfport Arts Center will host a third Friday art event at their location 2726 54th St. S. The Gulfport Arts Center will also work in tandem with the Gulfport Merchants Chamber during First Friday Art walks to create a new experience at the Gulfport Casino starting this upcoming June. 

“The plan is to open the Gulfport Arts Center to rotating artists throughout the year,” explained Salustri. “Local artists will be given priority and extra incentive to both display their art and teach their art, at the former City of Imagination location.”

In addition to participating in First Friday Art Walk, the Gulfport Arts Center will be a hub for community arts throughout the month. In addition to offering art classes for all, the Gulfport Arts Center will serve as a gallery and gathering place for art related events. 

“Every other month we will still host Abstract Art for Autism, that’s not going away,” said Salustri. “But under our new name, management, and 501(c)(3) nonprofit status we’ll be able to apply for grants and hopefully get more money rolling into the program so that we can do better things for Gulfport’s art community.”

Art classes will be offered at a nominal price for attendees to ensure teachers and artists are compensated for their time and skills. 

“We want to showcase Gulfport’s talent at the Gulfport Arts Center,” said Salustri. “And we do not want the artists to do it for free.”

Salustri adds: “The Gulfport Arts Center is in need of donations and volunteers to make this new vision work. Also, we need artists. We need artists that want to show their art and teach their art.” 

The Gulfport Arts Center is looking for artists in any medium to teach their craft, including fabric, clay and music. Volunteers are also needed to update the space before their grand-reopening in May. 

“There won’t be any remodeling,” said Salustri. “Just revitalizing.” 

For information on donating and volunteering, please email 

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