New Recycling Bins for Gulfport Beach

Shane Voshell uses the new recycling bins at a Gulfport Beach Pavillion on Saturday, July 14, to dispose of a plastic bottle. “I’m glad the city has a focus on recycling,” he said. “It feels good to help the environment.”

New recycling bins have been added to the pavilions at Gulfport Beach on Shore Blvd this week. Tom Nichols, public works director for the city of Gulfport, talked to the Gabber Monday, July 9, about the new waste management strategy. 

“We’re just trying to capture as much recycling as possible,” said Nichols. According to Nichols, the addition of recycling bins to Gulfport Beach in the past has increased recycling numbers in the city. 

To keep the conservation efforts going, Nichols urges people using the bins to limit items to plastic bottles and cans, and to avoid putting in food-contaminated garbage, like pizza boxes or styrofoam containers. The introduction of contaminants into the recycling limits the city’s ability to recycle materials. 

“We can handpick it out if it’s not too many pieces though,” said Nichols. 

Each of the new bins costs $45 and one will be placed at each of the 10 pavilions. 


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