One Lucky Dog Thanks to a Local Rescue

Casper, a rescued dog being sponsored by Limbo Chihuahuas, enjoyed a recent visit to Gulfport’s small dog park while he is awaiting medical treatment for his right front leg that has healed badly from a break and makes moving difficult.

Casper is one lucky young dog thanks to the efforts of a local non-profit rescue group called Limbo Chihuahuas that doesn’t turn away animals in need of extreme behavioral or medical services.

“We take dogs that other rescues really don’t want,” said Director Megan Barrett of Gulfport. The group accepts all breeds of animals that are 20 pounds and under but mostly dogs that are Chihuahuas or Chihuahua mixes that are awaiting euthanasia or who are struggling for existence.

Casper, a mixed breed that looks like a 16-pound Labrador with short legs, came to the attention of the local group on August 7 through a small, rural animal kill shelter located in the Arcadia area that does not have the resources to provide medical care.

“They take in dogs and hope that rescues will come and get them,” said Barrett.

Shelter staff learned about Limbo Chihuahua when the rescue group had an information booth at a recent Bradenton Pet Expo. That’s when the rescue learned about Casper who was in need of immediate medical assistance.

Based on information from the person who took Casper to the shelter, he had been owned by a group in the Arcadia area that also had large and powerful dogs, said Barrett. The bigger dogs used Casper like a rag doll and managed to break his right front leg from the shoulder downward. Casper eventually managed to run away and found a good Samaritan who contacted animal control.

No one inquired about Casper.

Barrett was also told that Casper’s injury was never treated and it healed in a way that he cannot use it for moving. He’s about two years old.

The next day, Casper had an appointment at Gulfport Veterinarian located at 5621 Gulfport Blvd. S, said Barrett.

The veterinarian office works closely with the rescue group and two doctors there preliminarily determined that Casper will most likely need to have his leg amputated, she said. A visiting specialist will make the final determination on Friday, August 16.

Otherwise, he passed his initial medical evaluation “with flying colors,” said Barrett, who also fosters Casper. “He’s a total sweetheart. You would think dogs like this wouldn’t trust humans, but they do. We specialize in medical cases that other rescues shy away from. Like dogs who are positive for heartworms or breast cancer.”

The rescue group consists of volunteers who do not make any profit from the organization, said Barrett.
“We do it so we can get these dogs into good homes,” she said. “And, Casper will get a good home. There’s a lot of people out there who do not mind three-legged dogs. He’s playful, affectionate and likes to lay on my lap. He would be great with other dogs of all sizes, cats and children.”

To help pay for Casper’s medical care and to learn more about the other efforts of the local rescue group that is based in South Pasadena, visit


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