Pasadena Community Church Concert: Following the Star of Bethlehem

The biblical story of Jesus Christ’s birth unfolded in Pasadena Community Church through narration, music and song at the annual Christmas Concert “A Star’s Light – A Candle’s Glow” Sunday, November 30.

As the Thanksgiving week ends, Christmas celebrations begin, and there can hardly be found a better way to spend Sunday night than listening to the Florida Orchestra Brass Quintet and the Pasadena Community Sanctuary Choir with the accompaniment of the organ and piano.

The Florida Orchestra Brass Quintet consists of Kenneth Brown, William Mickelsen, Robert Smith, Andrew Karr and its founder Dwight Decker, who has been with the Florida Orchestra since 1973. The church’s organist Judith Ocame, with pianist Joyce White and Brooke Stuart on percussion, completed the performance conducted by Robert Drick.

In interludes between musical pieces, narrator Mike Low recounted the story of Jesus Christ’s birth, beginning with angel Gabriel’s appearance to Mary to predict the miracle child’s conception, and ending by drawing the parallel between people today and the Magi who followed the Star of Bethlehem in search of the child.

The Pasadena Community Choir sang the traditional holiday favorites, including “O Holy Night,” “What Child Is This?” and “Do You Hear What I Hear?”. The audience joined during “Silent Night” and “Hallelujah” after the collection of alms.

For the event, the spacious sanctuary at the Pasadena Community Church was adorned with illuminated Christmas trees and red poinsettias. Pastor Dr. Charley Reeb said the Christmas Concert is his favorite event of the year. Attendance was so numerous, however, that he joked the church is also open on Sunday mornings.

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