Police Arrest Suspect in String of Burglaries

About $2,000 worth of stolen property has been recovered by the Gulfport Police Department in the wake of the June 29 arrest of Stone Collins, 20, who faces a slew of charges ranging from violation of probation to felony theft and grand theft.

Collins, who resides with his parents in Gulfport, allegedly burglarized several homes on the city’s north side in late June.

Sgt. Thomas Woodman, the Gulfport Police Department’s public information officer, said about five homes were reported to have been burglarized, but “we believe there were more” because police are still in possession of items that need to be returned and are waiting to hear from residents whose homes might have been targeted.

Police were led to Collins, Woodman said, by a report of “some sort of verbal altercation” between Collins and his parents, who then discovered the stolen property at their address. “They called the police, and when we showed up, we located all of that stolen property that we were able to connect with various burglaries.”

Woodman added that Collins has been known to Gulfport police since 2014, “but he has contacts in Pinellas County going back at least until 2006.”

The stolen goods, most of which are tools, Woodman said, were recovered in an area of Gulfport bordered by 9th Ave. S. to the north, 14th Ave. S. to the south, 60th St. S. to the east, and 64th St. S. to the west. The Gulfport Police Department urges residents in this part of the city to check their garages and sheds for missing items.

If you believe your property has been stolen, contact dispatch at 727-582-6177.


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