Police Chase Ends in Arrest After False Carjacking Claim

Pinellas County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested St. Petersburg resident Samuel M. Thompson on Monday, March 28 for a slew of charges after sending police on a hunt through Gulfport.

Deputies spotted Thompson’s car traveling down 49th Street South on the night of March 27 driving recklessly and attempted to pull him over. Thompson fled, and crashed his car near the 5200 block of 9th Ave. S. Thompson is a resident of the 4700 block of 9th Ave. S.

According to Sergeant Spencer Gross of the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, 35-year-old Thompson fled on foot and evaded police, who called for a helicopter and K9 unit to assist in the search. Due to fog, the helicopter was sent back.

Police were unable to locate Thompson, who was not considered dangerous.

Thompson soon after made a call to the St. Petersburg Police Department, however, reporting that he had been carjacked.

When police confronted Thompson, he admitted to having been the driver of the vehicle. He also claimed he had been drinking and fled because he didn’t want to be caught. Thompson was charged with filing a false police report, driving with a suspended license, and leaving the scene of an accident, according to police reports.

Further investigations by police discovered drugs in Thompson’s vehicle. He was then charged with possession of marijuana and possession of cocaine with intent to sell.

Thompson has been arrested several times in the past for possession of cocaine, kidnapping with bodily harm, battery, and grand theft of a motor vehicle, and has spent time in state prison.

Thompson has since bonded out of custody.


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