Puddles, Puddles Everywhere

Updated 8/4, 1:35: Due to contamination concerns, Gulfport Beach remains closed following the rains over the weekend. We will have an updated article in this week’s edition, and here as we receive information. 

The sun finally came out this week but there were plenty of reminders of the recent torrential rains that broke records and caused major flooding around the region. In Gulfport on Monday afternoon water still gushed from a manhole on lower 49th Street, pot-holed alleys were full of water, the volleyball courts looked like little ponds and Clymer Park appeared to have sprung a lake. Public Works Director Don Sopak said, however, that no major problems had been reported in Gulfport from the rain.

“We just have localized street flooding like we always do,” he said. Scattered thunderstorms, some heavy, are still expected through early next week, according to the National Weather Service.



  1. Perhaps you might touch on or reply re: the dumping of raw sewage by City of St Pete into the Bayou drainage system.

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