Quick Action Avoids Sewage Spill

A potential environmental crisis was averted in Gulfport, Tuesday, February 27 at Ted Phillips Wood Ibis Park when contractors turned off flow to a pipe they had cracked while digging during work on a pond near Town Shores Apartments.

“The city was excavating a clogged drainage ditch to improve runoff accumulation of storm water,” said Mayor Sam Henderson. “The contractor broke the pipe and shut off the conduit and was able to continue work at no additional cost to the city of Gulfport due to quick response and the fact that it was contractor error.”

“Pinellas County immediately turned off the eight-inch force main and bypassed the flow and everything was contained where the pipe cracked,” said City Manager James O’Reilly. “The crew pumped out the spill and nothing made it into [Boca Ciega] Bay or surrounding water.” Sewer force mains are necessary when gravity alone is not sufficient to move water runoff and sewage through a line. They move wastewater by using pumps or compressors located in lift stations.

Wood Ibis Park is located in the area around 58th St. S. and 28th Ave. S. in Gulfport.

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