Racer Bike Racks on Beach

HAIR-RAISING! – As part of the finishing touches for the Shore Boulevard Beautification project, four new steel-and-powder-coated bike racks have been installed. The model, called Racer, looks like a stylized person bent over the handlebars with their hair blowing in the wind. This one is located near the beach, west of the volleyball courts and will allow bike riders to lock up both tires along with the frame. The racks can be colored green or red, said Tim Connor, Gulfport’s Parks and Facilities maintenance superintendent.

“I’ve seen them in other city parks and we bought a few of them years ago,” he said. At that time, hair wasn’t part of the design. “They’ve held out pretty good.”

Veteran’s, Tomlinson and Caldwell parks also offer the new style bike racks and Beach Boulevard will soon get a few.

“First we have to pour the slabs,” said Connor. The goal is to “install at least two in the next couple of weeks.”

The racks are made by Pride Enterprises of Brandon, Florida. They employ eligible inmates and provide them with vocational training so they can create a variety of outdoor products for municipalities and parks like bike racks, picnic tables and recycle bins.

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