Restaurant Employee Tests Positive for Hepatitis A 

A server at Gulfport Family Restaurant on 49th Street South recently tested positive for Hepatitis A. Patrons who consumed food at the restaurant from June 4 to 11 are asked by the Pinellas Department of Health to get immunized. Photo courtesy of the Gulfport Family Restaurant Facebook page. 

An employee at Gulfport Family Restaurant tested positive for Hepatitis A, and could have exposed restaurant patrons from June 4 to 11. 

“What we really know is that the employee, a food server, was infectious during that time,” said Pinellas County Health Department spokeswoman Maggie Hall. 

The Pinellas Department of Health urges anyone who visited the establishment between those dates to receive the first dose of immunization. Those already vaccinated do not have to take action at this time. 

Hall warned that while the chances of anyone contracting the illness was not extremely high risk, everyone should become vaccinated to eliminate all chances. 

“We do want everyone to take precautions,” Hall said. 

Located at 2025 49th Street S., Gulfport Family Restaurant remains open. Officials do not anticipate further risk to patrons. 

Those with specific questions about exposure to hepatitis A at Gulfport Family Restaurant can call 727-824-6932 to receive information about the infection. 


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