Rick Falkenstein Wins St. Pete Beach Election

Rick FalkensteinIncumbent Rick Falkenstein won enough votes in the St. Pete Beach General Election to narrowly defeat Joanne Lentino and retain his District 2 commission seat. When the polls closed on Tuesday, March 10, Falkenstein had 52% of the votes with Lentino garnering a close 48%. Only 681 eligible voters went to the polls, and the final count showed Falkenstein with 353 votes and Lentino with 328.

“I am so excited for District 2, our city of St. Pete Beach, administration and staff for the next 12 months,” Falkenstein told the Gabber via email after the election results were announced. “We will have so much to do as a united team keeping our city paradise.”

Falkenstein was temporarily appointed to the position on May 13, 2014, after former District 2 commissioner, Jim Parent, unexpectedly resigned. At a May 27 meeting, the commission unanimously voted to change the city charter, which required a special election to be held 60 to 90 days after an interim appointment. Instead, the city opted to wait for the general election set for March 2015.

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