Running on Dunkin’?

Though the brand-new Dunkin’ Donuts has a few more weeks before an official opening, that doesn’t stop misguided cars from attempting to order through the empty drive-thru, located at 5602 Gulfport Blvd S. Amongst local stirrings to eat, drink and shop “local,” the Dunkin’ was approved by Gulfport City Council in October of 2018, and is near completion.

“We want to have an unannounced soft opening so they can work the kinks out,” said Poul Hornsleth of R.W. Caldwell Realty & Insurance. “There are always kinks on the first couple of days.”

Equipped for coffee drinkers with a full-service drive-thru and lobby, the drive-thru side of the structure bears a sign that reads “Gulfport Runs on Dunkin.’”

“The sign is really exciting for Gulfport, and it really was not in the plans,” said Hornsleth. “It was a total surprise to everyone.” 

One comment

  1. Gulfport may be running on Dunkin but there is very little room to sit inside and NO outdoor seating like all the other 31 Flavors and Dunkin Donuts have. No Landscaping either I would rate this a 3 our of 10 due to lack of planning, lack of landscape, lack of space and NO outdoor seating. might just go for ice cream only……

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