Salty’s Redevelopment Update 

On May 28, 2019 Salty’s Gulfport was sold for the sum of $1 million. Since the deal, not much else has been heard about the redevelopment of 5413 Shore Blvd. S. The initial proposition from the purchasing group, 5427 LLC, a Delaware Limited Liability Company, was a restaurant that needed several variances approved before developing could start. 

“Originally, the city received an application for a variance to parking for a proposed restaurant. The scale of the proposed development was large and actually required more than one variance,” explained Michael Taylor, AICP, Principal Planner for the City of Gulfport Community Development Department, via email. The original variance application has since been withdrawn by the applicant.

“Presently, the Community Development Department has not received the submittal of a revised site plan for a Planning and Zoning Application or Variance Application,” stated Taylor. 

Taylor has been involved with the project since first submittal. According to Taylor, city staff has met with the development group to discuss the proposal, design and compliance with both city codes and Florida building codes. 

“Once a site plan is submitted along with a Planning and Zoning Application and/or a Variance Application, then Community Development will begin processing the application. At this point, there is no time schedule since a Planning and Zoning Application and/or a Variance Application has not been received,” said Taylor. 

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