Scavenger Hunt Rallies Fun

During the noon kick-off meeting on Saturday, September 28, 22 people from eight teams gathered in front of street-legal decorated golf carts to learn the details of the third three-hour Golf-Port Rally Scavenger Hunt for charity. A total of 39 items were located throughout town south of Gulfport Boulevard South, said event organizer Suzie King of SIK Promotions, which is based in Gulfport. Proceeds go to the MY Foundation, a Gulfport non-profit that benefits local children and seniors, she said. O’Maddy’s offered event space and a complementary lunch prior to the hunt while other businesses offered prizes for each team. “We hope to do it again,” said King. “Our new system of online scoring was way easier and faster this time around.” The contest officially ended at 3 p.m. and results were announced at 4 p.m.

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