Shooting Along 49th Street Corridor

St. Petersburg police on the scene of an officer-involved shooting around 9:30 Wednesday night told the Gabber that “everyone is OK.”

While police would reveal little else, two cars in the parking lot of the Quick Stop at 1440 49th Street South in St. Petersburg showed damage. Various car parts littered the parking lot, and one officer photographed another officer’s injured shin.

Although unconfirmed by any St. Petersburg official, eyewitnesses report a pursuit and then a civilian discharging a firearm from atop a vehicle. Other eyewitnesses report police searching Gulfport alleys for evidence. St. Petersburg public information officials could not confirm this information at press time.

At one point, over 15 marked police vehicles were at the scene and police had cordoned off the Quick Stop parking lot.

The Quick Stop is across 49th Street city lines from the Gabber offices.

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