Six Tons Lighter

From mattresses to doors, the second quarterly “Junk in a Trunk” event, held this past Saturday at the 49th Street Neighborhood Center, sent almost six tons of junk – 11,820 pounds – to the county’s waste-to-energy facility. Gulfport Neighbors organized the event; the City of Gulfport supported it and agreed to remove the trash at no charge to residents or the community group.

According to Gulfport Neighbors vice-president Margarete Tober, even more items came from Gulfport property owners, but many of them didn’t make it to the junk heap because other people snapped up the items.

Although less well-known than the amnesty day for bulk pickup of items and the makeshift swap shop, Gulfport police were also on hand to answer resident questions and register bicycles. Gulfport remains one of the few cities in the area offering bicycle registration, which can help a victim of bike theft recover their bike.

Typically, bulk pickups cost residents $17 per claw grab of the city’s picker truck, but on Junk in the Trunk amnesty days, Gulfport residents with proof of residency can bring any non-hazardous waste to the 49th Street Neighborhood Center and skip the fees.

The Gulfport Neighbors also reaches out to property owners in need. For more information, contact Gulfport Neighbors on Facebook at

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