Solar Panels for Gulfport Elementary

The future looks bright for Gulfport Elementary School, thanks to the new solar panels in the parking lot. A grant from Duke Energy paid for the panels, on which workers finished construction two weeks ago.

Principal James Pribble says the panels will power some lights in one of the buildings.

“Children will be able to monitor how much power is being saved each week/month/year because of two meters that are connected to the solar panels,” Pribble says. Students also will calculate how much money the panels save the school.

The solar panels have a weather monitor attached to it, which will allow students to track barometric pressure, wind speed and temperature. Next year, Pribble tells the Gabber, he wants to get three picnic tables for under the panels. He would also like to plant a butterfly garden and an outdoor classroom.

“It is truly a real world learning experience for our students,” he says.


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