South Pasadena Block Party  

Christian Maier, a 6th grader, and his dad Chis Maier, both of Seminole, take an aerial ride in the South Pasadena Fire Department’s 75-foot platform fire truck at the city’s annual block party event. “It’s pretty cool,” said Christian. “I know it could go higher though. I saw the water.” It was the first time Christian and his dad attended the event.

With 1960s music playing through a trailer-sized juke box in the car show area by City Hall, a live musician performing in the food court in the street and local firefighters taking people for aerial platform rides, the annual block party on Sunset Drive South in South Pasadena was a crowd favorite on Saturday, March 24.

“This is an opportunity for us to get together with all of our people in the city and their children and grandchildren,” said City Commissioner Gail Neidinger. “We try to have something for everybody.”

Face painting, pirate- and maze-themed bounce houses, health screenings, a car show and the Artspring Exhibition were also a part of the event.

One of the most popular activities for kids was the ability to put out a fire.

“We take a hose off the fire truck and hook it to a hydrant so there’s not a tremendous amount of pressure,” said South Pasadena Fire Chief David Mixon. “The kids take the fire hose and actually aim it and knock down a simulated fire target on a spring. They knock it down and it pops back up.”

According to City Commissioner and Vice Mayor Art Penny, “This is one of the top events we have each year. This is a great thing for the city. It’s camaraderie in a walkable area. People have a great time with their family.”

Battling a simulated fire and overspray from real fire hose in a stiff breeze off the Gulf of Mexico, Nixon Lewis, 3, of Clearwater is assisted by South Pasadena Firefighter and Paramedic Brendan Smith during the city’s annual block party on Saturday, March 24. Lewis’ father is a firefighter with St. Petersburg. Did he like putting out a “fire” on a spring-loaded target? “Yes!”

Max Packer, 2, enjoys a 1929 Ford, two-door sedan with owner Bob Leigh, both of St. Petersburg, in the car show area of the annual South Pasadena block party on Saturday, March 24. “We stumbled upon this event by luck,” said Jennifer Huggins, Packer’s mom. “We were going to the playground and the fun just began!”




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