St. Pete Beach Candidate Funding

The St. Pete Beach general election for District 2 is Tuesday, March 10. At that time, voters will choose either Rick Falkenstein or Joanne Lentino as the next District 2 Commissioner. The Gabber compiled highlights of the campaign donations through February 26, 2015 for each candidate (the latest report available at press time). Business donations are listed first. Donors reside in St. Pete Beach unless otherwise noted.

Rick Falkenstein Candidate contributions: $203.50 In Kind Donations:
Nina Madison (Business) $400.00 Shells Seafood (Business) $100.00 Bruno Falkenstein (Individual) $4.00 Business Contributions
Outlook Technology, Inc. $200.00 Skidders Inc. $250.00
Mad Parrot Enterprises, Inc.
(DBA PJ’s Oyster Bar) $250.00 Individual Contributions
David and Diane Brown $100.00
Mary Jo Micklitsch $100.00
Chris Carl (MD) $100.00
Arnold E Isan $100.00
Mr. and Mrs. Riley $100.00
Mary Falkenstein $900.00
William Paarlbarq (IL) $100.00 Gregory Wilson (St.
Petersburg, FL) $50.00
Walter Venschcik $50.00
Diane Brown $100.00
Clarence Cherry $100.00
Millard Gamble $300.00
Richard O. McCormick $50.00


Joanne Lentino Candidate contributions: $3600.00 In Kind Contributions:
Mark Lewton (S. Pasadena, FL) $26.49 Ronald Albrecht (N. Y.) $5,500.00
Ben Friedlander(St.
Petersburg, FL) $675.00
Martin Jurnigen $6.42
Political Committee Contributions:
Greater Democratic Executive Committee (St. Petersburg) $500.00 Pinellas County Victory Fund
(St. Petersburg, FL) $250.00
Stonewall Pinellas (St.
Petersburg, FL) $500.00

Gabber March 5 – March 11, 2015

Individual Contributions
Betty Morgenstein $200.00
Jaclyn Keller (Treasure
Island, FL) $200.00
Ronald Frasetto $200.00
Teresa Cracchiola (NV) $40.00
Sara E. Smith (St. Petersburg,
FL) $100.00
Karen Lieberman (St.
Petersburg, FL) $50.00
Rita Lentino (NY) $25.00
Raymond Cavaliere (NY) $50.00 Robert Locatelli (NV) $100.00 Timothy Koviak (NV) $200.00
John Hogarty (NY) $25.00
Fred Cohn (NY) $200.00
D.J. Conroy (NY) $100.00
Steven Lentino (NY) $25.00
Barbara Warseger (Palm
City, FL) $25.00
Priscilla Komer (NV) $200.00 Stanley Cidlowski (Weeki
Wachee, FL) $50.00
Diana Good (NV) $96.80
Mike Gandolfo (Largo, FL) $48.25 Lance Peterson $50.00
Donna McGill $25.00
Mary Scodwell (NV) $35.00
Rob Schneider (Conn.) $193.90 Bunny Hull (Calif.) $33.68
Bruce Nissen (St. Petersburg,
Fla.) $23.97
Yasmara Pimental (St.
Petersburg, Fla.) $23.97
Lucy Trimarro (St.
Petersburg, Fla.) $38.54
Jim Parent $1,000.00
Peggy Goodale (Largo, Fla.) $50.00 Stephanie Myers (Nevada) $25.00 Helen Wanke $48.25
Theresa Arroyo $25.00
Lamar Marchese (Nevada) $100.00 Bonnie Sklaren (Gulfport, FL) $20.00
Julieanne Schmidt
(Tampa, FL) $193.90

Sheldon Rosenzweig (AL) $23.37 Barbara Dutch (NJ) $48.25
Betty Wade (PA) $20.00
Joseph Saportas (Seminole, FL) $5.00 Terry Rieser (NY) $100.00
Karen McKenney-Dyer (NV) $100.00 Lorraine Hahn $20.00
Richard Boylan $48.25
Gloria Cardone (NY) $25.00
Mark Lewton (S. Pasadena, FL) $50.00 Deb Anderson (St.
Petersburg, FL) $50.00
Diane Colburn (VT) $50.00
Muriel Desloovere $250.00
Frank Lupo (St. Petersburg,
FL) $484.90
Katherine Hiley (Oldsmar, FL) $50.00 Patricia Barnard (Dunedin, FL) $50.00 Thomas Bryant (St.
Petersburg, FL) $23.97
Karen Elfallah (Seminole, FL) $9.41 Janelle Quinn (St.
Petersburg, FL) $30.00
Karen Lieberman (St.
Petersburg, FL) $50.00
Bonnie Traiman $50,00
Jasmina Forcan (Clearwater, FL) 10.00 Robin K. Warren (St.
Petersburg, FL) $50.00
Donna and Bill Warren (St.
Petersbur, FL) $48.25
Jane H. Morris (Treasure
Island, FL) $30.00
Yolanda Roman (Gulfport, FL) $20.00 Jack and Barbara Douglas $35.00 Michael Clifford (St.
Petersburg, FL) $50.00
Carolyn Dutra (RI) $50.00
Johnnie R. Rhines (St.
Petersburg, FL) $25.00
Kris Shepherd (NV) $9.41


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