St. Pete Beach Makes TripAdvisor Rankings for Fifth Year

Photo courtesy Visit Florida

They’ve done it again and for the fifth year.

St. Pete Beach has placed in Tripadvisor’s rankings for 2017 and is number three among the top 25 beaches in the country.

TripAdvisor says it was named as the world’s largest travel website by comScore’s Media Metrix in November 2016 and that it collects 500 million candid reviews from travelers to help people “make the right choice” when it comes to selecting destinations.

“They do a great job and allow us to respond to anything that might be negative so we can correct it,” said Lenné Nicklaus, former vice president and owner for 40 years of the Sirata Beach Resort.

The resort sold to new owners on February 1. Nicklaus is a resident of St. Pete Beach and remains involved in the area’s hotelier industry.

“TripAdvisor pretty much works with all of the hoteliers. If there is something that sticks out that we see, we can address and correct it and it works to our benefit, said Nicklaus. “Their rankings are very significant. Everyone works really close with them because that’s one of the main sources of reviews for when someone is going on vacation. They go to TripAdvisor to see what’s really happening in the area or what’s going on with a property. We all respond to it.”

Nicklaus said what makes the Gulf of Mexico shoreline along St. Pete Beach consistently successful in rankings is the “clean and beautiful beaches that are safe and family friendly.”

She also points out that about 65 restaurants operate in the city, activities like swimming and fishing are available, and the downtown area of St. Petersburg is just 10 minutes away.

TripAdvisor has ranked St. Pete Beach in the top 25 beaches in the United States from 2014 through 2017. In 2012, the rating service named the city’s beach as America’s top choice.


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