St. Pete Police Bring Tourists to Gulfport

St Pete Police Escort TouristsLast Thursday, March 20, Gulfportians walking along Beach Boulevard looked puzzled as a St. Petersburg motorcycle police office parked at the corner of Beach and Shore Boulevards, well inside Gulfport’s city limits.

St. Petersburg Police Officer Chris Dort, a ten-year veteran of the SPPD, wasn’t there to write tickets, though. He pulled over a mother and daughter for running a stop sign and realized they were tourists who lost their way while trying to find Gulfport.

Instead of telling them how to get there, Officer Dort took it one step further: he escorted them to Gulfport’s downtown himself.

“If that were my mother and sister,” Officer Dort told the Gabber, “and they were thousands of miles from home, I’d hope somebody could help them. That’s my job.”

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