Students’ Hard Work Culminates in Winter Concert

Members of the Boca Ciega High School chorus, band and orchestra ensembles held their winter concert in the school auditorium on Friday, December 9 with some 500 family members, friends and school staff in attendance.

The audience was treated to beautiful performances that went off without a hitch. But behind the scenes, what looked easy and smooth was the culmination of many hours of hard work by the 65 students in band, 20 in orchestra, 90 in chorus and their two instructors: band and orchestra teacher John Schindler and chorus teacher Joe Harper.

Tia Layer of Gulfport, a 15-year-old cello player, said that before the concert she was excited and nervous, but the audience’s and fellow students’ response made her feel “awesome.”

“It was amazing,” she said. “One of my friends cried.”

Both instructors said they were pleased with the students’ progress and their performance, and noted the important role the concert plays in the community.

“From the band and orchestra side of things the concert was great,” said Schindler, who is in his first year at the school.

The concert gave the students the opportunity to show off their work and “also gives us a chance to positively interact with the community and parents to provide them with a great evening of music.”

“From the choral perspective, the concert went wonderfully!” Harper said. “During my past three years here, the students have grown exponentially not only in their ability level but also in their desire to perform rigorous and diverse repertoire.”

As for the school, he said, “any time we can have a positive interaction with the community … it is an opportunity to help reaffirm the community’s trust with our ability as educators to nurture and develop our young students into adults.”

In these photos, the Gabber documented the band students in one of their last practice sessions before the final event.

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