Table, Chairs Upcycle Wins JITT Flip Award

The Junk-in-the-Trunk Flip was held on Friday, June 1 with eight of 14 registered contestants attending on the rain date. Flip is Gulfport’s version of the popular HGTV network series “Flea Market Flip.” A ninth contestant, Berkeley Grimball, was out of town but arranged to have his entry included. Pictured from left along with their entries are: Rhonda Carson of St. Petersburg, Ingrid Bredenberg of Gulfport, Amanda Mortenson of Gulfport, Sherry Goode of South Pasadena, Patty Horn of St. Petersburg, Siobhan Falk of Gulfport, Denise Stoltz of Gulfport and Barry Stewart of St. Petersburg.

After a two-week rain delay, and a downtown street closure due to the Gulfport Grand Prix, the annual Junk-in-the-Trunk (JITT) Flip contestants raised a total of $187.50 for the non-profit Gulfport Neighbors Friday, June 1.

At a recent recycling event in Gulfport, 14 contestants paid for 15 JITT Flip entries at $10 each to total $150, said co-event “dreamer upper” Angela Lagan of Gulfport. Karen Love of Gulfport is the other co-event organizer. JITT Flip is Gulfport’s version of the popular HGTV network series “Flea Market Flip.” 

On the evening of the sale portion of the competition, contestants vied for the top sale price to win bragging rights and a custom trophy made from recycled items. In addition, 25 percent of each sale went to Gulfport Neighbors. On June 1, between 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., two items sold totaling a $37.50 donation to the charity. Individual contestants are allowed to keep the remaining portions of their sales to cover their entry fees and time, said Lagan.

Table and chairs buyer Kevin Martel, of St. Petersburg, sits with Junk-in-the-Trunk Flip contestant Denise Stolz after she sold the three items to him for $100. The negotiated sale was enough to win the event for Stolz on Friday, June 1. 

“The street closure that was part of the boat race hurt us” with less foot traffic during First Friday Art Walk, said Lagan.

Veteran JITT Flip contestant Denise Stolz of Gulfport won with a top sale of $100 for a table and two chairs. In last year’s competition, she sold two items but did not win the top sale. 

Amanda Mortenson of Gulfport was able to sell two of her four graffiti folding chairs for $50, resulting in $12.50 for the charity.

In an effort to increase sales chances for the remaining contestants, Lagan partnered with Mike Fagan, owner of the nearby Gulfport Beach Bazaar. For seven days, Fagan is donating free floor space in his shop to showcase the unsold items, with 25 percent of each JITT Flip sale going to the non-profit.

Last year, the top sale during the competition was also $100, so “that seems to be the magic number,” said Stolz.


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