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Month of Love Festival

Month Of Love Festival: Discover the art of basking in the light of love all year round!! A month full of asana, rising through the Chakra’s, workshops, daily meditation, jam sessions, kirtan, prema breathwork, clothing swaps, yogi dance parties, sangha ...

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Why You Should Attend the Mayors’ Cleanup Saturday

I’ve heard for years that Childs Park and other south St. Pete residents don’t care about the litter in or look of their communities, that they accept more crime and don’t mind lack of decent groceries and other niceties we take for granted. Note that although I said “south St. Pete residents” I don’t really believe that’s what people mean when they say it. I mean, the streets of Broadwater and the pink streets aren’t really rife with old Mello Yello bottles and Swisher cigar wrappers, are they?

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I don’t make resolutions. Mostly, I don’t make them because I don’t believe there’s one day where you can make sweeping changes to your life – at least, not successfully.

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