Teen Attackers Still At Large

Saturday afternoon, November 22, two young men robbed a teenager at the 1600 block of 56th Street South in Gulfport. The attackers, both described as minors, took the young woman’s bag and iPod, according to Gulfport police spokesperson Sergeant Tom Woodman.

The incident originated in the 1800 block of 55th St. S. when both boys approached the girl and attempted to talk to her as she was walking, according to Woodman, who says she told them to leave her alone. The two boys continued following her and asked for her phone number. She refused and one of them grabbed her.

The young woman punched him, and he forced her to the ground and pulled her pants down around her knees, took her bag and iPod and fled on a bicycle.

Police report the victim did not receive any injuries that would require medical attention.

The attackers, estimated to be between 16 and 17 years old, remain at large. The victim described both as dark-skinned black teens wearing dark clothing. She estimated their heights between 5’6” and 5’10” and their weight between 130-150 pounds. The first teen, who rode a mountain bike, had dreadlock-styled hair and a slender but muscular build. The second boy, she told police, had shorter black hair and a slender build. She told police he rode a BMX-style bike.

Woodman asks that anyone with any information call him at 727-893-1051 and that anyone who may know the suspects call police dispatch at 727-582-6177.

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