The Life of a Tree

A Gulfport laurel oak tree was cut down on Tuesday, December 19 behind the Backfin Blue Café on Beach Boulevard in Gulfport because it had reached its end of life and had some cavities, said Foreman Manuel Castillo of Yutzy Tree Service. The five-person team worked with ropes, chain saws, a bucket truck and other heavy equipment. “It’s a tough situation being next to a building with power lines and water meters,” said Castillo. “Everything is coming out pretty good.” According to the Pinellas County Extension website, laurel oaks can reach heights of 60 or more feet, they can live from 50 to 70 years and are commonly used as ornamental trees. They also have weak wood, are prone to failure during hurricane winds and have a tendency to decay.


Rico Sanchez works with chain saws and ropes from a bucket truck to strategically cut down a laurel oak tree located close to the back of the Backfin Blue Café in Gulfport. Sanchez was one of five people on a team from Yutzy Tree Service of Gulfport that worked on the project on Tuesday, December 19. “We take the cut wood to our yard then it gets shipped to the county’s waste management yard,” said Foreman Manuel Castillo, where it may be turned into mulch. 

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