Trash Hound

Yolanda Roman

Yolanda Roman and her dog, Duchess, scour Gulfport Boulevard for wayward fast food bags, errant cigarette butts, and other detritus left by passing motorists.

Cigarette butts, McDonald’s wrappers, and the odd soda bottle. Volunteers with trash grabbers, gloves, and bags collected all of this and more during Saturday’s Gulfport Neighbors cleanup.

Although the stretch of Gulfport Boulevard between 49th and 58th Streets South has signs claiming certain local businesses have adopted the roadway to keep it clean, a cadre of early risers had no problem collecting litter around stop lights, businesses and intersections. Volunteers Mike Hanson and Doug Hudson both noted the abundance of cigarette butts, and others commented the concentration of butts seemed heaviest by traffic lights.

The Gulfport Neighbors will host another cleanup Sunday evening, June 29, on Gulfport Beach. Volunteers will gather at 5:45 p.m. at Pavilion Four.

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