Treasure Island Kite Festival Takes Off 

Kite fliers took advantage of the gusts of wind that came and went throughout the weekend.

The sky was filled with dragons, jellyfish and stingrays November 10 and 11 at the Veterans Day Fall Fly on Treasure Island Beach, behind the Thunderbird Beach Resort.

This year’s theme, “Honor America’s Veterans,” featured red, white and blue kites in myriad creative displays. 

Lessons, musically guided flying, kite games, group displays and night flying were spread throughout the two-day event. 

While the event featured no competitions, there will be a Treasure Island Kite Festival & Sport Kite Competition in the same location. Many fliers attended in order to prepare for the January 13 to 14 tournament. 

The Veterans Day Fall Fly featured many different sea inspired displays as well as patriotic exhibits that fit this years theme “Honor America’s Veterans.”

Launched at 10 a.m., Saturday, November 10, kite fliers were encouraged to color the sky all weekend. After the sunset on November 10, a glowing night performance filled Treasure Island Beach. 2

Quad FX, a professional kite flying team showed off their skills in a timed, choreographed sky performance. 2

Lori and Jr Ekstein flew a colorful stingray over Treasure Island Beach on November 10.

Large kites competed for the sky behind the Thunderbird Resort.


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