Up Close at the Raptor Fest

Rod Renadette of Seneca Falls, NY, holds up Declyn Fiore, 3, of Tampa so he can get a good look at a kestrel being shown off by a volunteer at the annual Raptor Festival held Saturday February 4 at Boyd Hill Nature Preserve. “The boys are loving it,” said Declyn’s mother, Jenn Fiore, of the three children she brought to the festival. Added Renadette: “It gives them a chance to see raptors up close; you don’t normally get to see them like this.” The event, which draws thousands of people every year, included educational exhibits, music and crafts as well as the opportunity to view some of the raptors living at the preserve out of their cages. Boyd Hill provides a home for disabled birds that are not able to live in the wild independently.



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