Waiting it Out

i-voted-woman-with-dog-in-costume_img_8302_photo-by-debbie-wolfeThe presidential campaign of 2016 that had political veteran and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as the Democrat facing off with political neophyte and business mogul Donald Trump as the Republican polarized voters from all demographics in what one Associated Press news headline categorized as a historical “shock to the system.”

In a split race, morning results on Wednesday, November 9 found Clinton was ahead in popular vote totals but was facing a loss to President-elect Trump based on the Electoral College numbers, making her potentially the fifth U.S. presidential candidate to be in this situation. Inside Gulfport’s Salty’s, 5413 Shore Blvd. S., on Tuesday, November 8, at just after 7 p.m. when many states were too close to call, dogs and their owners and friends from both political parties quietly chatted and watched as returns started to fill in results maps on multiple televisions and cell phones.

“We voted today,” said Karen Schaefer of Pinellas Park. She and Tinker Bell, a Chihuahua, were dressed for the patriotic day. Schaefer, wearing a red top and blue jeans, proudly displayed an “I Voted” sticker while Tinker showed off her blue and white tie along with a red and white polka dot and striped dress. “I’m visiting my friend and after dinner, we’re going to watch the elections at her place on TV. It may be a long night.”

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