What do you love most about Florida?

Melissa McCarthy, Gulfport: “The people. They are very welcoming. They’re open. They are themselves. People like to be who they are down here. That’s what I’ve found. Plus, my three sisters live here. I moved down from Portland, Oregon two-and-a-half years ago. I moved from the northeast to the northwest. The northwest was very open and it was my first experience with people that were able to be who they are and then, I found this down here. Gulfport is a lovely place with lovely people.”

Jude Bagatti, Gulfport: “Clean air. The ocean. And, my dad loved it before me and he brought us here. My grandfather has been in Hollywood, Florida since the 1920s. So, I’m kind of a native Floridian. It’s a family tradition. I was born in New Jersey but most of my life has been in Florida. Thank God. Love it. Wouldn’t have it any other way, heat and all.”

Beth Schmidt, Seminole: “Definitely the sunshine. And, all the beautiful beaches and the outdoor things you can do here. There are a wide variety of people who live here too, which makes it really unique and beautiful. Even though I was born in New Jersey, I consider myself a Florida native because I’ve lived here for so many years. I can’t imagine living any place else.”

Roberta Miller and Butters, Gulfport: “Now that we just moved here to Gulfport, we love being able to be outdoors year-round and not snowed in half the year. We can walk to the beach and see some of these great shops and fresh produce. And, get time with our dog to walk around outside. Having fun in the sun biking and walking around. We have some more exploring to do but we are excited to live here now. We hear it’s one of the most sunny spots. We’re originally from Alexandria, Virginia.”



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