Winter Comes to Town

Ice Cold Water Anyone? When Makaela Knettel, an employee at Domain Home Accessories & Gallery on Beach Boulevard in Gulfport, opened the store on Tuesday morning, January 2, she did not put out their usual sidewalk sign, but the one on the door remained.

“Our signs say ‘Ice Cold Water,’ but no one is going to want it in 40-degree weather!” she joked.

Ellen Zadoff, a winter resident of Gulfport from New York, was prepared for the weather as she walked briskly up Beach Boulevard. Dressed in a thigh-length down jacket, long underwear, a scarf and gloves, she chose to browse in local shops since the regular Tuesday morning outdoor market was canceled due to morning air and wind chill temperatures in the low to mid 40s.

“I always have my packable down with me,” said Zadoff. “I love it here and I’ll be here every winter.”

According to the National Weather Service, wind chill temperatures are expected to keep people bundled up through midday on Sunday when a slight warming trend will mean air temperatures will climb back into the low to mid 60s. By Monday, January 8, the forecast calls for early afternoon temperatures in the low 70s.

“This is my first full winter in Florida,” said Zadoff. “The reason I came here was to get away from the cold. I don’t ever want to be in it again!”

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