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Owners of their new WinWay home at 2521 York St. in Gulfport Bill and Heidi Oetting with Matt Carr.

Proud owners of their new WinWay home at 2521 York St. in Gulfport Bill and Heidi Oetting with Matt Carr. “We think it’s bang for your buck,” said Bill. “It’s money well spent. The quality for this house far exceeds what I even knew we could have.”

After 26 years of being told by the United States Air Force where to move and when, Bill and Heidi Oetting moved into their forever home in October of 2019, thanks to WinWay Homes.

WinWay Homes built the Oetting’s dream home from the ground up at 2521 York St. If the address sounds familiar, it’s because it was one of the stops on this year’s Pink Flamingo Home Tour.

WinWay Homes is a custom home building company located in South Pasadena that specializes in a full service construction experience. WinWay partners have over 30 years of experience in new home construction. Co-Owner and manager of sales and operations Matt Carr, and Co-Owner Vice President of construction Justin Flye, have worked together for the past 15 years at a national new home construction company finding out exactly what customers want.

After working for large Fortune 200   companies Carr and Flye realized that instead of limiting a customer’s ability to customize their new construction home to a set color palette and a few specific materials, they wanted to give their clients the ultimate red-carpet experience.

“We design from the ground up,” explained Carr. “We have an in-house architect and design studio that allows us to build houses specific to our client’s lifestyles.”

“Clients get the full custom experience from start to finish,” explained Carr. “You choose the tile, the roof color, paint color, architectural design, you name it. No change is too small, that’s what sets us apart from the others.”

For the Oettings, that was exactly what they needed.

“We didn’t exactly mean to build a house,” said Bill, “but we couldn’t find one we liked. So we had one built with the features we enjoyed from all the houses we lived in over the years.”

“Once we decided we were going to build our forever home, we brainstormed everything we wanted,” explained Hiedi. “We came up with a rough sketch and WinWay turned it into a detailed architectural plan and then a beautiful new home.”

“We gave WinWay Homes an idea of what we wanted,” said Bill. “What we got, though, exceeded anything we thought we were going to get. The quality of this house, the attention to detail and some of the features that WinWay installed, I didn’t know were even possible. Justin would not compromise on the quality.”

“When the house was being built, Justin was there everyday checking on its progress,” said Heidi. “We realized one day that the kitchen island was in the wrong spot. It wasn’t going to be functional there. We told Justin, he came in, pulled it up, and placed it in the right spot, no questions asked.”

“We also upgraded many of the items,” explained Bill. “We had them install hurricane-proof windows and doors. They also built in termite and bug control systems in the walls.”

“Oh, and the insulation is incredible,” added Hiedi. “We spent New Year’s Eve 2020 in this house and our dogs could barely hear the fireworks.”

“We think it’s bang for your buck,” said Bill. “It’s money well spent. The quality for this house far exceeds what I even knew we could have.”

“Like Bill and Heidi, a lot of our buyers are final home buyers. This is the last house they’ll ever buy,” explained Carr. “Whether they’re of retirement age, don’t plan on moving, or they just know exactly what they want, we create their custom homes to meet the needs of their lifestyles.”

Equally, WinWay is sensitive to the look and needs of the surrounding community.

“We’re not trying to change Gulfport,” said Carr. “We’re trying to add to the longevity and improve the quality of living in Gulfport.”

Carr explained that the lots that they’ve purchased “had dilapidated structures on the property. With a new home, we’re improving the property value. The houses we build will outlast generations.”

Carr says those looking into a WinWay new construction home can expect to spend around $500,000.

“If a client already has a plot of land,” said Carr, “then they can expect to spend about $300,000 to build on that property.”

WinWay also offers another alternative for those who want a new construction home but don’t know where to start: a brand new duplex is in the planning stages to completion near downtown on 28th Avenue, in between 52nd and 53rd Streets S., with a price starting in the low-to-mid  $400,000 range.

“It’s the most cost-effective way to get into a WinWay home,” said Carr.

To contact WinWay homes call 727-342-7876, visit them on Facebook or visit their website at Be sure to check out their gallery section to see Bill and Heidi’s new forever home.

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