Women’s March Comes to Gulfport

Gulfport joined in solidarity with many other #WomensWave marches, Saturday, January 19, as women and men over the country marched for gender equality and more. In Gulfport, the march started at Vintage Small Bites and Wine Lounge and headed south on Beach Boulevard to the Gulfport Casino before heading back. Photo by Wendy Ohlendorf.

The courtyard at Vintage Small Bites and Wine Lounge, 2914 Beach Blvd. S., was filled with chants and colorful political signs before the first annual Women’s March on Gulfport on Saturday, January 19. 

After nearly 200 people arrived draped in feminist gear, the march spread down Beach Boulevard to the Casino Ballroom and back.

“I’ve been waiting 63 years for this,” said Liz Sherman, a marcher in the walk. “This is an outage what’s happening to America.”

The entire event was a part of #WomensWave, the third annual protest march in whatever city is willing. 

This is the first time the “wave” has come to Gulfport, and organizers say it won’t be the last.

“Let’s make this a tradition,” said event leader Susan Koeing. 

The march was hosted by Gulfport businesses Piccolino Prosécco Bar, Vintage Small Bites and Wine Lounge and Ohlendorf, Atelier.

Natanya Diamant and Rosie prepared to join the hundreds of women, men and dogs that were part of the movement.

In honor of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Gulfport local Amy Walsh holds up her handmade side at the Women’s March.

Marchers walked the length of Beach Boulevard in Gulfport holding signs with such entreaties as “Medicare for All,” “Women’s Rights Are Human Rights,” and “Trust Women.”

Samantha Pohl brought her daughter Temperance, teaching that no one is too young to get involved in politics.

Sarah Gallet and Linda Bornstein march in the first annual Women’s March on Gulfport on Saturday, January 19. “Enough is enough,” said Gallet. “I have so much disgust at what’s happening to my country and I feel the need to speak up.”







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